Siotou Law Firm


Using advantageously the wide application range of the Unfair Competition Law N. 146/1914, we successfully bring to Courts cases relating to unfair competition practices, such as infringement of intellectual property rights, infringement of company names, trade names, titles, slogans, shape of products, packaging, domain names, know-how, infringement caused by unfair, comparative or offensive announcements-advertisements, etc.
This ever-young Greek Unfair Competition Law has been proved a very useful "tool" for the protection of rights that cannot be protected and enforced by the specific legislation (Trademarks, Patent, Copyright Laws), but can fall within the scope of its generally phrased provisions.
This "tool" can be used independently as the sole legal basis of an action or in combination with the respective specific laws for a better protection.

However, attention should be given to the short time period allowed for the initiation of legal procedures using as the starting point the date of knowledge of the infringing act.